Getting Started

Yoga Shunya Entry
  • Once you walk into the studio, it’s easy to get started. Try to arrive about 15 minutes before the beginning of your first class. No need to call in advance. Our check-in process for new students is fast.
  • When you arrive, please take off your shoes and turn off all electronics. Thank you for not making phone calls while in the studio.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, stretchy, but not too baggy. Layers are good.
  • Yoga is almost always done in bare feet.
  • We have changing rooms and hangers but no showers or lockers. We have a storage area for valuables inside the practice room.
  • Try not to eat two to three hours before class.
  • We have plenty of yoga mats you can borrow at no charge. We do recommend, however, that you eventually have your own mat. It's as personal an item as a towel. Shopping for yoga mats is easy because many stores now carry them. A helpful hint: make sure the mat measures at least 23"-24"x68". We have all the other props in the studio.
  • Please be considerate of others and do not wear fragrance or perfumed moisturizers to class.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a week should I take yoga? It’s important to make yoga part of your regular schedule. In the long run, regularity is more important than frequency. People often start with one class a week. They usually feel better and want to come to class more often. Of course the more often you practice, the faster you'll feel the benefits and at deeper levels.

As a beginner which classes should I take? We recommend starting with Slow Stretch, Level 1, and Restorative classes.

I am not at all flexible. Can I do yoga? Yes, while you may not feel very flexible, yoga is. Poses can be modified to help anyone in any condition. We often use props such as blocks and straps to help people begin to stretch.

Can yoga help me lose weight? Yes, yoga can help with weight loss. Movement, deep breathing, and strengthening exercises help to burn calories, tone muscle, and regulate metabolism and digestion. Yoga also increases overall awareness. For example, you will start to notice how you feel when you eat certain foods. Choosing to do yoga can help you make healthy choices.

I have injuries or chronic health problems. Can I do yoga? We offer Slow Stretch Classes and Restorative Yoga. These classes move at a slower pace with teachers trained to work with injuries.

My doctor recommended I take yoga for stress relief. Which classes are good for stress reduction? All classes will help relieve stress. For an especially low-stress introduction to yoga, try the Restorative class first.

Benefits of Yoga

Many people find that the practice of yoga increases their overall sense of wellbeing. The body becomes stronger and more flexible. Digestion, circulation, metabolism, and posture often improve. The physical poses, breathing techniques, and visualization help with stress and pain management. Often people say their sleep and eating patterns improve with steady yoga practice.

Practicing at a center with a group of like-minded people, or sangha, helps people connect to their neighborhood or community. Sharing ideas, energy, and time with others benefits our personal yoga practice.