MELT Workshop Melt+Yoga = Advancing Your Practice with Marc & Elaine
Sundays March 25, April 8 & April 22
11:00 - 2:00 pm
$40 per session
$20 for Shunya students with unlimited passes
$95 Melt Collection Special for this series

Join Marc and Elaine to discover how the Melt Method, with its focus on fascia and neurostrength, can help you move into a deeper yoga practice. Melt is becoming more popular with yogis, athletes, dancers, musicians, seniors - anyone who enjoys moving without pain! This is a mixed level workshop to help you advance your practice.

April 8th we will work on the upper body: hands, arms, shoulders, neck, head. All levels are welcome.

April 22 - Hips and Core

$95 Melt Collection: 1 soft roller ($70 value), 1 large soft ball, 1 large firm ball, 1 small firm ball ($50 ball kit), Melt Performance DVD ($25 value). This special Melt package is is offered to those who sign up for at least one Melt+Yoga Session.

To register, email or call (201) 610-9737.